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Dusty Pink + Ochre 100% Flax Quilt Cover

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  • Reversible design - Two colours in one Duvet Cover - Flip for a whole new look
  • Coconut button closure 
  • Perfect with our matching Pillowcases 
  • 100% Linen

Can't decide what colour to style your bedroom? Now you can have both! Flip with a change of season or vibe.

Tip: Buy 2 of each pillowcase colour so you've always got a set when one's in the wash

Linen regulates heat, naturally. It has a cool, dry, textured feeling and feels amazing on your skin - even in humid weather. This is due to its natural heat regulating properties, allowing you to stay warm in Winter, and cool in the very peak of Summer. 


Size Guide:

Double: 180 x 210 cm
Queen: 210 x 210 cm
King: 245 x 210 cm
Super King: 270 x 240 cm

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